Quality Management: Control is better

Fruit and vegetables are natural products, so constant premium quality is a challenge, as the weather cannot be controlled. But we master it with our comprehensive quality management.

Supported by independent and renowned laboratories, we keep an eye on the entire production process, from the field to the shop. A key factor in the quality of our products comes in the form of our partners, the “master growers”. These are often traditional family enterprises with extensive knowledge, and we’ve been working with most of them since we founded the company. Harvesting is carefully carried out by hand at the respective optimal peak of ripeness. Our agricultural engineers check the quality of the fruit even while they’re still in the fields — only the best fruit and vegetables end up in our packing house. There, the selection process continues, even during the packing process.

And because our fruit is proud of their origin, all the packaging comes with an EAN code, so that we can always find out on which field the fruit was grown. A sophisticated logistics system with a complete cold chain guarantees that the fruit gets to markets all over the world as fresh as it can be. Via satellite, we receive real-time information about the temperature in the container, the humidity, the location and the route. Of course we are also IFS and ISO9001 certified.