At home with us: The best growing partners

Giuliano Puglia Fruit

Over 60 years ago, “grandpa“ Antonio Giuliano started growing grapes in the Southern Italian region of Bari. The family enterprise is in its third generation today, safely led through the highs and lows of grape production by the brothers Vito, Gianni and Nicola, and it has long been famous for its grape specialities. We have been partners for over 20 years. Especially Vito has devoted himself to creating exclusive varieties, including rediscovered old varieties. Their incomparable know-how also enriches us in our grape production in South Africa, Tunisia and Ecuador. And that´s not all: he takes care of the reforestation of a huge nature reserve by planting trees and plants that are typical for the region, so that the original landscape and diverse fauna don´t get lost. To find out more about their specialities, as well as their environmental and social commitment:

Antonio Llusar and CIA

A partner right from the start: The Llusar brothers with their exceptionally tasty oranges and clementines. Their trademarke is their careful treatment of the fruit, whether during the cultivation, the harvest or afterwards. The fruits are selected up to four times before they end up in the box, to ensure they have no skin blemishes or bruises, which would affect the taste. Over the long years of our collaboration we haven’t only grown successfully together but have also perfected our taste requirements in harmony with people and nature. In South Africa we manage the farms Rooihoogte and Middlerivier as partners. More about the Llusar family:

Frutas Poveda

Why has the Poveda family been our partner for so many years? Because for them three things count: taste, taste and more taste. The Spaniards have been growing stone fruit and lemons in sunny Murcia for generations. They make use of their ancient knowledge about the best varieties (which sometimes ripen in paper bags on the tree) as well as of modern achievements such as sustainable drip irrigation. Their experienced cultivation in harmony with people and nature not only gives the stone fruit an excellent taste, but also provides the lemons with an edible skin. Find out more about the Poveda company at:


SanLucar wouldn’t be SanLucar without Fresaflor. From the very beginning, Sebastian Morcelo and the Fresaflor cooperative have been growing partners for strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, which are world-famous. In Huelva in Andalusia, the fruit grows on raised bed tables, so that the consumption of minerals and water can be precisely controlled. The high tunnels protect the plants against rain and wind. There is also a programme for the protection of bees and test fields where we research new berry varieties. To find out more about Sebastian and Fresaflor, go to:


The family company has been our partner for cherries since 2008, and their cherries’ taste and quality are always in such high demand that Oragro is now running the biggest cherry project in Europe. The fruit grow at different altitudes protected by nets, so that their availability can be extended. The plants are easily supplied with the valuable resource of water, as it flows from the mountains into basins. Besides cherries as their main product, they also grow pears, blueberries and apricots. To find out more, go to: