SanLucar sets a precedent

Education builds the basis for a self-determined life. Education helps to create a social, fair and productive society. We transmit knowledge, education and training and support children and adults in developing skills to help them live an independent and future-oriented life.

SanLucar Speelskool

In many countries children already use digital blackboards and tablets. But in many more countries, children don’t even have pens and books. That’s why we give school scholarships and support the children with school material. We want to help the children to get a good education so they can find a way out of poverty.

Our programme “Amazing Brainz”

From infancy to graduation: The children of our farm employees in South Africa are provided with loving care at our kindergarten. We’ve trained our crèche teachers in the “Amazing Brainz” curriculum, which stimulates and supports early brain development in babies and toddlers. We also offer after-care facilities where children are given support with their homework and where they have access to a media centre. We’ve invested in CAMI, a computer tuition programme which is aligned with the South African school curriculum. Through CAMI our children receive extra academic support in languages as well as maths.


Addiction prevention program and personal development workshops     

During the Apartheid period, many agricultural workers received parts of their wages in the form of alcohol. Unfortunately, this has caused alcohol addictions and many more problems. For this reason we have developed the CHOICES programme, which was financed with the support of the association „Träume werden wahr“ (Making dreams come true). A one-year program for addiction prevention and rehabilitation to strengthen the self-confidence of the participants has been implemented.  In 2018 the association “Träume werden wahr e.V.” was founded by merchants together with their families and friends. The aim is to support together where help is needed.

In addition, we also offer weekend workshops to our employees. These workshops offer groups of community members the opportunity to spend a weekend together at Goedgedacht, a rural farm offering retreats in a beautiful natural setting. During these weekends we work on personal development, life-skills and community building.


Collaboration with universities in Tunesia

Many people want to help to improve the situation in their home country. Take Tunisia, for example. In collaboration with Tunisian universities, students can do their Master’s at SanLucar. They are supported financially, are given insight into the practical side of the business and can work on case studies. A win-win-situation: the students gain practical knowledge and we gain insight into how to improve things in this world.


Improvement of school conditions

Broken blackboards and school benches, lacking teaching material – these are not good conditions for an efficient education. That’s why we are supporting a programme set up by the ministry of education by renovating primary schools in the region of Gabès, in the south of Tunisia. This entails everything from building a new playground to providing new tables and chairs to water dispensers – changes that facilitate daily life at school for children and teachers considerably, so that they can concentrate fully on the lessons.

Award for Local Commitment

From November to May our tomatoes are grown in the Tunisian oasis of El Hamma, where our work has an important impact on the employment of the inhabitants. It has improved the overall economic and social development of the region. In 2018, we received the award for exceptional social commitment from the Tunisian President. The money, which we received with the award, was used to finance medical equipment for the local hospital in El Hamma.


Collaboration with local NGO

People with a mental or physical disability often have it twice as hard in Tunisia: they are excluded from working life and thus from being part of society. We at SanLucar open our doors to them. The organisation UTAIM runs several institutions for the disabled – their laundrette takes on all our washing jobs.