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DREAMS Magazine

We documented our commitments related to the DREAMS programme in this publication. That includes everything related to the different social and environmental projects in Austria, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, South Africa, Spain & Tunisia.

2019 – 2020
2017 – 2019

SanLucar’s Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics is based on the ten principles of the Global Compact and ILO (International Labour Organisation) guidelines. We, as well as all our growers and suppliers, are committed to adhering to the code. It covers topics such as child protection, equality, fair working conditions, health and safety, and environmental protection.

Progress Report

Every year, we publish a progress report on sustainability, where we inform readers about our progress and the attaining of our goals. This report is based on the ten principles and 17 sustainable development goals drawn up by the UN. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators help us to measure and compare our progress. Additionally, we signed the ten principles of the UN’s Global Compact and are an active member of the Global Compact Network in Spain. And we support the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 with our DREAMS programme.

2018 – 2019