Stephan Rötzer, son of a fruit wholesaler from Munich, founds SanLucar close to Valencia. His dream is to grow fruit and vegetables that taste as if you went into Grandma’s garden and picked your favourite fruit from the tree yourself.


SanLucar reaches a turnover of 32 million euros with a team of 16 employees.


An office on the wholesale market in Karlsruhe opens up the German market to SanLucar and provides consumers with even fresher fruit.


After positive experiences in Germany, a branch is opened in Vienna on the wholesale market. Additionally, the brand SanLucar is listed by Rewe Austria (Billa, Merkur).


In order to offer the best tomatoes, we create a tomato oasis close to Gabès. Later, raspberries are added to the assortment in northern Tunisia.


Our vision is to be able to produce fruit with the same brand quality all year round. That’s why we now also grow oranges, clementines, grapes and later baby figs at our farms Middleriver, Rooihoogte and De Hoek in South Africa. Our office is located in Paarl.


Gourmet bananas grow in the ideal tropical coastal climate of Ecuador at our farm Magdalena. Later, grapes are grown at the farm Santa Elena.


In Valencia, SanLucar founds the soup kitchen “El Puchero” to help families in need – with food, further training, and humanity. In 2018, in collaboration with Coordinadora Solidaria (a workers´ association), a second soup kitchen is opened in in the harbour area.


Eastern Europe, Russia and the Gulf States – Fruit from the whole world for the whole world. SanLucar reaches an annual turnover of 336 million euros with 1780 employees.


Finally, SanLucar’s fruit and vegetables become available for drinking. Consumers in Austria and Germany enjoy SanLucar’s smoothies and juices.

The new office in Rotterdam manages the increased demand for SanLucar fruit in the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Belgium.


With around 2800 fruit-enthusiastic employees worldwide, SanLucar reaches a turnover of approx. 380 million euros and moves into the new headquarters in Puzol.


The success in the Arabian Gulf States and in the Middle East leads to the opening of an office in Dubai.

SanLucar breaks through the turnover threshold of 400 million euros.