Kicking off the new year with exotic sweetness!

Take a taste trip to the tropics with mango, pineapple and co. now.


(Ettlingen / Valencia in January 2021) This is the time to go for the exotics! In keeping with the new year, SanLucar – the premium brand for fruit and vegetables – is putting exotic delicacies in a fruity light.

“Exotics are very popular with consumers,” says Nuria Pizán, Brand and Creative Director at SanLucar: “They bring freshness and lightness to the table, making good dietary new year’s resolutions easier to implement.” In addition, mango, avocado and pineapple – with their “exotic bonus” – are versatile in the kitchen and taste magnificent. Every bite takes you on a little trip to the tropics.

SanLucar’s mangos arrive at the store ripe and – with 13 degrees Brix – are super sweet and have practically no fiber. At the same time, all fruits ripen under tropical conditions without accelerating their natural ripening process. This also keeps them fresh longer. SanLucar avocados are picked with the ideal fat content and impress you with their mild-nutty flavor and a tender-creamy texture. And there’s no need to squeeze – stickers indicate whether the fruit is firm-ripe or creamy-ripe.

SanLucar always grows fruit and vegetables in harmony with people and nature. Resources are used sparingly, natural plant protection is used and employees are supported sustainably. For example, SanLucar pays fair wages and ensures equal opportunities. SanLucar imparts knowledge, offers training and further education, and supports children and adults in leading independent lives.

This year, SanLucar is once again providing its retailers with display toppers and information sheets and accompanying promotions with social media activities on Facebook and Instagram.


If you wish to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Nuria Pizán

Creative & Brand Director – SanLucar Fruit

Tel. +49 172 42 72 348